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Soverignty at a high cost,

A strong man for the refoundation of the Nation.

In this year of the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the independence and the reunification of Cameroon, the President of the Republic, Paul BIYA wishes to give a particular stamp to this event; moreover, he wishes to focalize the attention of his fellow countrymen on values of peace, unity and progress which are the fundamentals of a visionary and conqueror nation.

From 1990 already, The President of the Republic decided to have a real national reconciliation with the Cameroonian people, through unconditional general amnesty of all the prisoners of opinion, without forgetting the rehabilitation of all the heroes and martyrs of the fight for independence of Cameroon.

A significative fact is the elevation at the position of national heroes (27th June 1991) the main actors of the fight for the liberation of Cameroon. At the first position, we have Ruben UM NYOBE, Felix Roland MOUMIÉ, Ernest OUANDIE, and Ahmadou AHIDJO; with the aim of refoundation, this act was really appreciated.

At the same moment (5th November 1990), he institutes multiparty system, promulgates a series of laws on public liberties (19th December 1990), which open the way to the total liberation of the Cameroon socio-political, economical and cultural life.

Starting the new basis of a new Cameroon, through an engaged process positioning the country as the one that will emerge in the next future, the speech of the head of state to the nation on the 31th of December last year, weaves for the first time since 1960 some laurel wreath on the founder fathers of the independence of Cameroon, at the general surprise of some sceptic political observers. The President of the Republic Paul BIYA acknowledges in front of the whole nation that the dignified brave sons of this country have poured their blood for Cameroon to be free and master of its destiny.

As to draw our attention, on the 10th of February 2010, when the President of the Republic addresses the youth of Cameroon, he reiterates with force and vigor this acknowledgement so that the youth can copy it and this will waken up their conscience in the future.

In this track, the Yaoundé International Conference which will be held on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Cameroon from the 18th – 19th of may 2010, marks a turning point on the options of an Africa mistress of its refoundation and its destiny.

The CNOC (The National Organizing Committee)

The National Organizing Committee of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Independence and Reunification of Cameroon created by decree of President of Republic Act No. 2010/038 of 4 February 2010 under the authority of the Director of Civil Cabinet is responsible for the design The organization, supervision and evaluation of all preparations and events of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the independence and reunification of Cameroon.

The Committee includes a permanent secretariat of committees and subcommittees.

The Decree (French only)